Everyone Needs a Little D in Their Life: The Importance of Vitamin D


Vitamin D is extremely valuable and something we can get naturally through sunlight as well as through proper nutrition and supplementation. However, when we aren’t always out in the sun or the seasons change and limit daylight, it can cause a deficiency which can lead to health issues.


You Need the D


While the body has the ability to produce around 90% of the vitamin D it needs on its own, that percentage can drop considerably when we aren’t spending much time outside. When we are outside, natural sunlight provides us with vitamin D. Now mind you, this isn’t truly a “vitamin” in a normal sense – the body takes the vitamin D production (thanks to direct sunlight) and turns it into a hormone within the body. This hormone is called calcitriol.


You don’t need to spend all day in the sun either to reap the benefits of vitamin D. In fact, it’s been said that as little as 10 minutes of direct sunlight each day is enough to provide you with your daily intake. Any extra and the body will actually store it in your body fat as a “backup” for when it’s needed.




There are many benefits associated with vitamin D. For starters, it aids in boosting the immune system. This can help fight off the sniffles, common cold, and even the flu. Speaking of the flu, when colder months arrive, we tend to see less of the sun. When the skin is exposed to sunlight, vitamin D is able to be produced by the skin to convert into a powerful hormone.


For some, a lack of vitamin D production can cause seasonal depression because not enough vitamin D is being produced by the body naturally due to a lack of direct sunlight on the skin itself. For this reason, it’s extremely important to find a quality vitamin D supplement to take during the colder months of the year where daylight is reduced or increase foods that are high in vitamin D such as eggs, mushrooms, tuna, salmon, oysters, and shrimp.


Another benefit of getting enough vitamin D each day is its ability to increase testosterone levels. Testosterone is important and helps build quality lean muscle mass. With the increases in testosterone levels, you’ll also notice an improvement in libido and sexual function. Increase in muscle building and libido? Do I have your attention yet?


If you aren’t interested in having the sun dictate your health, grab yourself a supplement containing enough vitamin D to fill in the gap left due to lack of direct sunlight. A product like Rock Solid Nutrition Strength Test is a great way to increase your levels of vitamin D and ensure you are reaping all the benefits associated with this vital nutrient. Now get out there and get yourself some D!





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