Unlocking the Fountain of Youth With AFAA CPT and Fitness Model Shawn Taylor

Your vibe attracts your tribe and we gotta say that our Ambassadors are all Rock Stars that have shown that they follow life with their own beat of the drum, follow their dreams against the norm and know that their health is their wealth. We're proud to present to you our Rock Solid Nutrition "Fuel Your Dreams" Ambassador 1-ON-1's to showcase those that inspire and hopefully spark something deep inside to say "why not me". 

RS: You made the switch from your pursuit of the mind to the body instead and went for an education in fitness where you received your certification in 2006 becoming an AFAA CPT. Now, what inspired you to change your path like that?

ST: Great question. During the tail end of my corporate life I was using the gym for some much needed stress relief.  The more time I spent in the gym the more I wanted to be there.  The more I was there the more I learned.  I noticed a therapeutic application to fitness.  There was a reduction in stress, focus and clarity I hadn't noticed in years.  I had to pursue that.  At the time I didn't know the first thing about personal training but I knew I was on to something.  If this was my result after a few months of "shotty training" at  best imagine what could had if you fused reframing techniques of  counseling with the physical aspects of training?  ..and just like that my new career as a personal trainer was born.

RS: You’ve had incredible success in both professional fitness modeling and bodybuilding. What would you say has helped attribute to your success in those areas?

No question the biggest attribute has been those I've met along  the way.   I met the experts that knew way more than I did and gleaning from their experience really helped me level up.

In fact that's how I met Sean Harley owner of Rock Solid Nutrition. Even though I'm older he had a ton more modeling experience as well different type of prep experience, In fact I'm working on my third prep using exclusively Rock Solid Products which Sean turned me on to.   Another major stepping stone for me was knowing what my body can do. You have to know how your body responds to fuel, supplements, which exercises are the most effective etc

Subsequently you just dive in, test the waters, see what you're capable of. Make mistakes as that's how you grow.

RS: Are people shocked to find out how old you are? I know I was! LOL But seriously, can you share 5 things you feel will add 5 years to your life with our readers?

lol'! People are often shocked to find out how old I am. It's very flattering actually.  

1. See the solution not he problem.  Always focus on what you want NOT what you have.  

2. Loosen up: Relax, that's where the answers are, where peace and serenity are.  Think about it, how many times have you tried to think of a name of a person or tv show but couldn't? what happen once you (RELAXED) BAM the answer showed up.

3.  Eat more greens. adding  greens to your diet is a great way to reduce the inflammation in your body.

4. Change it up.  Throw a curve ball.  Become an encyclopedic wealth of fitness for your body so you can change the game on yourself just to keep it interesting, continue on the fitness continuum and keep growing.  

5..Be silly!  laugh more.  "...why so serious?" dont be afraid to be cheesy and goofball. there are many studies to show the health benefits of good deep belly laugh

RS: Do you have any morning or evening rituals that you adhere to? If so can you share with our readers 

The mornings are sacred uninterruptible time of the day as that is when you apply self building practices such as meditation, quieting the mind, removing  the rhetoric of all media and focus on the stillness and the quiet. 

You do this by seeing the images or hearing sounds that creates that peace for you, whatever that is and harness the power to control the mind from wandering.  This takes R.A.S(Reticular Activating System) practice and is an additional type of training for the brain.

There are many practitioners out there that can help you get started.  there are many shiny objects out there bidding for your attention  but YOU must also be a shiny object bidding for YOUR attention because then you will  be committed to mastery of self improvement.

RS: Whats does your current training split look like?

Essentially my current training split is 3 on/1 off /2 on/1 off, although that changes per goal.  During the covid shut down I sided with more cardiovascular conditioning and performance so my training split reflected that , more 4 on /1 off/1 on type thing.

RS: We see you cooking up a storm on Instagram all the time! Do you have a quick protein packed recipe you can share with our readers?

lol are kidding? Heck yeah....My favorite of course is the Rock Solid Belgium waffle with 45g protein in each waffle.  This is great way to get away from the norm without the FOMO (fear of missing out).

RS: Thanks so much for taking the time Shawn! Is there anything else you would like to add or let our readers know where they can connect with you?

Remember the process is a perpetual state of evolution meaning RARELY will the answers look familiar.  Don't fight so hard to hold onto what's familiar as in doing so prevent the change  ie answers we so desperately seek.  Embrace the struggle.    

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