Fitness Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Top 5 Items Under $10

With the holidays quickly approaching, many people are looking for those last-minute fitness stocking stuffer ideas. We planned ahead to help those who are stuck thinking about what to get their fitness-minded friends and loved ones. Below you will find a list of top five items under $10 that you can pick up using Amazon Prime to receive your stocking stuffers in two days.

1. 20-Ounce BlenderBottle

Who couldn’t use more blender bottles in their life? This smaller version of their original is the perfect size to use as a fitness stocking stuffer. Whether used for protein shakes, BCAAs, or even your favorite beverage, this gift will be a hit. As an added bonus, they are also dishwasher safe.

2. Protein Bars

 Everyone has different tastes, but the fact of the matter is, there’s a bar out there for everyone—you just need to find it. No one knows your friend or family member better than you. So, find out what protein bars they like and toss a couple bars in as a delicious fitness stocking stuffer.

3. RTD Protein Shakes

Talk about convenience! While I love powdered protein that comes in a tub, we’d have to get a custom stocking to put an entire tub of whey in—not practical. For that reason and ease of use, pick up an RTD (ready to drink) protein shake to drop in as a fitness stocking stuffer. Make sure it’s a flavor the person enjoys. They’ll appreciate the fact that you thought about overall convenience and ease of use when it comes to their macronutrient needs.

 4. Protein Powder Funnel

 Just because you couldn’t fit a tub of protein in the stocking doesn’t mean you forgot about the option all together. Have you ever wanted to pour protein into a water bottle but you end up spilling it everywhere? Or maybe you are sick of using Ziploc bags to carry your protein around when you travel? A protein funnel is extremely useful and would make for a great fitness stocking stuffer! You can even use it for your pre or intra-workout supplements like Rock Solid Nutrition Pre-Pump or BCAA Pump.

 5. Health/Fitness/Nutrition Book

Your fitness-minded friend or family member would love to learn something new about a topic they are passionate about. Why not make it a book that revolves around one or all of their favorite topics such as health, fitness, and nutrition? Knowledge is power, but only when you are able to execute the things you’ve learned. With the new year right around the bend, now would be a great time to learn new things and apply them come January 1 and start the year off with a bang.

That will take care of the stockings but if you still need some presents to put under the tree, don’t forget to check out the jolly deals on our Rock Solid Holiday Sale! 

And while you’re on Amazon picking up those last minute stocking stuffers, check out Rock Solid Nutrition on Amazon Prime!

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