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Rock Solid® Nutrition is more than just a supplement company. We’re a dedicated group of bodybuilding and nutritional experts that have made it our life’s work to help you achieve your dreams. We’re a community. A family. A Rock Solid® Society. And, our featured product line is seriously changing the game. We’ve made it our mission to provide you with the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that you get the best possible results. Each of our products is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to your success. Welcome to Rock Solid Nutrition.

Sean Harley - CEO of Rock Solid® Nutrition

 Why Rock Solid® Nutrition Supplements are Popular and Effective

➡ Trust is not given, it’s earned. That’s why we’re committed to earning your trust by confidently backing our labels with third party testing. 

➡ Our products only use ingredients that are backed by scientific studies. Look, we want these products to work. So we only use ingredients that have been proven to be effective and that we know will give you results. 

➡ At Rock Solid® Nutrition we make products that perform. Don’t expect the typical industry standard of using ineffective, minuscule amounts of a wide variety of ingredients so that they can claim the benefits of those ingredients, aka “pixie-dusting”. We use effective doses that produce real results. Our products have no fillers and no proprietary blends, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

➡ You know what’s nice about getting results? Getting them without breaking the bank. Our formulas are loaded with full, strong doses of effective ingredients. Don’t pay the other guy for a fraction of the potency. 

➡ Rock Solid® Nutrition was originally created for our friends and family. You see, a while back, they would come to us concerned about the supplements they were taking. They either weren’t getting results, they didn't feel good after they consumed it, or just weren’t sure what exactly they were putting in their bodies. We agreed with them, so we set out to create a supplement company that could stand on the four pillars of trust, integrity, transparency, and results.


The People That Make Us Possible

Paul Del Pozo

Jennifer Ridenour

Monique Kabel

Britt Meyers

Shawn Taylor

Beth Glenny

Amber Del Pozo

RaKay Reyes

Dustin Roy

Chad Copley

Cody Sanders


Brooke Lincoln

Kris Alesch

Trish Daniels

Evan Lindburg

Tifani McClanahan

Jen Hottovy

Dominick Fiore

Melissa Jones

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