Tifani (Stanley) McClanahan

WBFF Bikini & Fitness Competitor, NPC Bikini & Figure Competitor, Fitness Model, PT, On-line Coach, & Rock Solid® Nutrition Ambassador
My love for fitness came as a very young girl. I am a California girl, but my heart is in Montana where I was born. I am 48 years old and I recently married. I have a 30 year old daughter and 2 bonus kids 7 & 11 years old.
I remember watching the bodybuilding shows on TV with my Dad. I told my Father I would be up on stage one day. Long story short I became a mom in High school, still graduated but put most of my goals and dreams a side to be a mom. Fast forward 20+ years later (9 years ago) a huge loss in my life brought me to where I am today. I started competing about 8-9 years ago. It was what I thought was going to be a “bucket list” thing and then it became a great distraction and addiction all at the same time.
Once I saw how my body could transform from one extreme to the other I wanted to keep going and be better. I did my very first competition as a WBFF bikini model got a couple shows under my belt then tried a few more in the NPC federation. I continue to compete and just the love the people I meet in the industry. I love to inspire and motivate other woman to be there best self, not only for today but ALWAYS.
I currently work for a HUGE Aerospace company (that shall remain nameless), but we are doing big things. I work with over 4000 people and most of them live unhealthy lifestyles mainly due to our crazy work schedule and family lives…. I am approached regularly about help and advice as far as what to do. I have retained a number of clients through my work environment and my husband Loren is currently a personal trainer and has been for many years. We both love to help people transform their lives and bodies for the better.

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