RaKay Reyes

Rock Solid Nutrition Athlete Bikini Competitor

RaKay has always been intrigued by health and fitness. Starting in her teen years, she battled an eating disorder and spent hours doing cardio. Knowing something needed to change, she set her eyes on competing in her first bikini completion in 2013. In May of that year, she stepped on stage for the first time winning first in novice for her class. She became hooked instantly on the sport, a blend of art and science to sculpt amazing physiques. She went on to compete several more times since then and has no doubt she will be again in the future. 

Until then RaKay continues to live and breathe the fitness lifestyle. She enjoys time spent lifting weights in the gym, baking healthy treats, and rejoicing in the fitness accomplishments of others!

Favorite Rock Solid products: Pre-Workout and High Metabolism. They are game changers!

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