Kris Alesch
Rock Solid Nutrition Affiliate

My name is Kris Alesch, a Rock Solid Nutrition affiliate and a police officer in Cherokee, Iowa. 

I played sports all through high school. Being in the weight room was part of what was expected from our athletics programs. At the time I thought I was pushing myself hard and getting good workouts. I had no diet and did not use any supplements in high school. 

I went on to play football in college and that’s when I realized how much more there is to lifting and the fitness world. I went from weighing 185 lbs when I entered college to weighing 240 lbs when I left. 

In college I still didn’t diet that hard I kind of ate what I wanted because of how much cardio was involved with playing college football. When I became a police officer, I started to diet and get a little more serious about my nutrition. I don’t like the stereotype that all police officers do is sit on their backsides and eat donuts.  

2 years ago I was told to check out Rock Solid Nutrition and I’ve never looked back.

Favorite supplement: Watermelon EAAs

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