Jen Hottovy
Rock Solid Nutrition Ambassador

Welcome! My name is Jen Hottovy. My husband Toby & I have been using Rock Solid Nutrition supplements for years. A little about me...I’m a mom of four who had my kids really close together (14, 16 & 18 months apart). Rock Solid Nutrition Supplements have been a huge player in helping me get my pre-baby body back. Filling my body with the right nutrition, that helps me build my muscles up...has been essential in helping me get rid of that darn baby fat & lean up. I’ve tried my fair share of supplements over the years & I always come back to Rock Solid. I love that the products taste amazing, the protein is hormone free AND grass fed, plus the products are 3rd Party tested (which means, you’re actually getting what it says on the label-since there’s no federal agency that regulates this).

Whether your goals include - building muscle, leaning up or losing weight...Rock Solid Nutrition supplements can help you get there. You’re already doing the hard part...feed those muscles with what they need.

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