Chad Copley
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My goal as a fitness professional is to learn and develop anything that I can in this industry to not only benefit myself and my goals but everyone around me as well. I will continue to strive to be a "go to guy" when it comes to fitness and nutrition!

I was always fit in high school playing football and running in track but I didn't start working out regularly until 2012 (2 years after high school) and started off doing the P90X since I was too conscious and scared to step into a gym. Shortly after completing all the P90X series I decided to join a gym and my love for fitness grew even more! 

Since then I have completely transformed my life from quitting my job to become a personal trainer, gaining so much confidence and gaining an abundance of strength not only physically but mentally as well! Fitness has changed me in so many ways and I'm beyond proud and honored to be able to change the lives of others!

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