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As a fitness model, Sean has been featured in many workout magazines and has graced the covers of international publications. As the owner of a supplement franchise, Sean has consulted many people on supplementation and nutrition for weight loss, and muscle growth, as well as overall health. Now, as a certified personal trainer and a member of the National Council on Strength and Fitness, Sean is helping beginners as well as others looking to take their physique to the next level, to reach their goals and transform their bodies! Being a former college athlete and training side by side with other fitness models and even professional body-builders has given Sean insight on how to achieve amazing results through exercise and nutrition. Now Sean is here to share all of his insights, advice, and secrets with you!

Athlete: Monique Kabel

(WBFF Fitness Pro and Int. Published Fitness Model) With a back ground in Nutritional Science, and a Certification in Personal Training, Monique decided to take on clients part time while working full time in the gas & oil industry as an Occupational Health & Safety Advisor. She began this "side gig" in 2011, and have [...]

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Athlete: Beth Glenny

Beth found her love for fitness after becoming a single mom to a young boy. She had played sports all her life growing up and through college, but got into bodybuilding as a type of therapy.  It quickly snowballed into a true passion. Having done fitness photo shoots for different clothing companies and photographers, she is now preparing for an NPC figure competition [...]

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Athlete: Lacy Brown

Instagram: @lacybrownfit Facebook: Fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coach working with all ages and fitness levels, from beginners to top Ironman Athletes and fitness competitors.  Lacy is a national level NPC bikini competitor and fit expert known for her creative approach to fitness and anything-is-possible attitude.  She creates dynamic training programs that incorporate exercise styles [...]

By | 2017-07-21T15:14:02+00:00 July 21st, 2016|Athletes|0 Comments Bodies Of Work Volume 4!

The Bodies Of Work Volume 4 releases TODAY!! This is truly a career highlight for me and something I've aspired to do since they first released it. I've always been awe by the human form and I haven't seen anything that captures it as perfectly as these Bodies Of Work volumes. I worked my [...]

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Stay Focused On Your Fitness!

Its November already. Here we begin the descent in the Fitness Calendar (if it hasn't happened already) until Jan 1 where people reestablish goals. Temps are dropping and for most, dress sizes and belts will not. Gym attendance typically plummets. I have been in the business of fitness for almost 15 years now and Ive [...]

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Welcome to the Society

Welcome to the blog. Thank you for joining the #RockSolidSociety. Rock Solid Nutrition is more than just a supplement company. It’s a community. A family. A Rock Solid Society. And, now that you’re here, you’re officially a member. Here at Rock Solid Nutrition, we pride ourselves on having the best information and the most [...]

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